Tuesday, September 18, 2012

# MY GRAND NIECE.........

On Sunday afternoon we went to visit my little grandniece who is only 16 days old. We started from home at about 3 pm and on the way we were caught in the rain. It started to rain cats and dogs out of a sudden because when we left the house the weather was as fine as it can be. It was scary driving in a heavy rain, luckily it was hubby driving but I was gripping the seat and holding my breath all the way as the road was filled with puddle of water which will splash every time a car drove by and makes it difficult to see the road.

We managed to reach my brother's house in one piece but to our surprised my niece was not there but at her own home which was at BDC. But nevertheless, we stayed a while and chat with my sister-in-law (my brother had gone travelling) while waiting for the rain to subside. If I were to drive alone I don't think I can find my way here as my sense of direction is sooo... unreliable.

About half an hour later when the rain has subsided we made a move to my niece house which was about 15 mins drive away. My mother is staying with my niece during her confinement, just to accompany her as her husband is working during the day.  See...she's helping to look after her great grand daughter. That's the fourth generation!!!

My niece delivered her baby at home as she was not in time to go to the hospital. What she told us, was that she had a contraction in the early hours of the morning but she didn't expect the baby to come out that soon.  So as they were preparing to go to the hospital her contraction started to get more intense and before they knew it the baby was already struggling to get out...huhuhhh( guess she couldn't wait to see the world)......her mother or auntie (I'm not too sure) was on the line with her husband giving him instructions to what he should do.  Luckily the ambulance came within minutes after being called.

So it was a happy ending for mother and baby but my niece said she have to repeat the "chronicle" to the medical team every time she went for a check up cause she was told that giving birth at home was quite risky and needs to go through more procedures and check up to ensure that the mother and baby are okay.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


          I want to share an incident that happened a few days ago. Hope it can be a lesson to us, myself included. One afternoon as I was standing by our sliding door, I noticed a suspicious looking guy cycling slowly while his eyes were roving around wildly.  Normally I don't take much notice but some how something about of  this guy that made me stayed put and watched him.  Right about my instinct, suddenly I saw him stopped in front of my neighbour's house which is just across the road. The gate was wide opened and a car was parked in front of the door way, but the grilled door was locked. I saw the guy cycled right into the compound and leisurely carried away a used car battery.  I was shocked and literally scared in case he turned around and saw me watching him (dared not imagined what would happened then).  I was home alone with the kids and the neighbourhood was quiet when everyone was either at work or housewives busy in the kitchen.

        This is the 2nd time such incident happened to this neighbour as a few years ago his grass cutter was  stolen right under his nose...  The gate is always open and he is careless to leave valuable goods lying around which will normally attract those bad hats.

         There are many other cases in this neighbourhood where houses were burgled.  Ironically the Police Station is just a stone throw away from our housing estate. What is to become of our society today..?

Friday, September 14, 2012


Fuhhhh.....finally I managed to "steal" some time to sit in front of my laptop. Since this morning I have been "working" non stop. I got up at about 5.20am when the alarm rang, woke up the kids, prepared breakfast, took my bath and by 6.15am we were already on the road to school. Reached home at about  6.50am, put the laundry into the washing machine, had breakfast, read the morning paper with the tv on to catch the morning news and then clean up the table.

Next on the list was to vacuum the bedroom, mopped the kitchen, (I had vacuum and mopped the living and dinning room yesterday or else I won't be able to finished in time to fetch the kids ). After putting out the laundry I sat down for a short tea break before I was on the road again to school. 

sweet corn pudding
We had lunch at KFC, TJ as there's a supermarket nearby cos I need to pick up a few items for dinner tonight. Back home I started to prepared the chicken, marinated it and put it in the fridge for later, made some sweet corn pudding which I had planned to do all these while but never got to do it until today, collected the laundry as the dark cloud was an indication that it's going to rain this evening. Fuhhh....that's the last mission before I took this short break...later on I  have to start preparing dinner.

My son is also helping out but he has his own agenda. He watered the plants, washed the front pouch, washed the pick-up (but don't expect much k, he's only 11 yrs old) and washed his bicycle. Hahaha...all these are not for free okey....$$$$. But at least he knows that $$$  don't come easy, you have to sweat for it...right?

But the good news is that my darling hubby is coming back tonight, maybe quite late in the night cos he and his team members will be driving for about 10 hours from Bintulu after being away for 2 weeks.

Its going to be a long weekend this week cause next Monday is Malaysia Day so that means HOLI ..HOLI... DAYYY..........yahhhh.  So hopefully I can have a good rest then. 
So....have a nice weekend everyone! Enjoyyyy.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


September is birthday month in our family. We had just celebrated 2 birthdays this week. On  the 3rd was mother's 77th birthday and on the 5th was my grandnephew's.  I can still remember last year  when we celebrated mother's birthday, my nephew's wife was heavily pregnant and was just waiting to deliver but she still make it to the dinner. And this year, here we are celebrating my little grandnephew's 1st birthday, but sad to say, the one closest to him was not around.

There's a few more birthdays coming up within these few weeks but they might not celebrate it in a big way but just with their own family. So Happy Birthday to all....May God bless you with long life and ever lasting happiness.

Before I forget, on 1st September 2012, my niece has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl, her 2nd daughter....the latest addition to our family. Congrats dear...

Mother's birthday cake

My grandnephew's birthday cake


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


See that beautiful mountain view in the background...
Last Friday, 31st August was a public holiday, so we packed our bags and headed to the kampung.  Kampung is at Kepayang, Simunjan about 2 1/2 hrs drive from Kuching (depending on the traffic flow, if its festive season, read Gawai.... it will take longer). Its hubby hometown... me??.....I'm a city girl, born and breed in Kuching, so no Kampung I can call my own or to go back to during Gawai.

The last trip was end of May, we couldn't make it for Gawai as we were going to KL for the holidays.
It was just a day trip then, but this time round we planned to stay for 2 nights but again....hubby has to leave for Sibu on Sunday so we just stayed a night.


When we reached the kampung, mother-in-law was making some kuih as she knew we were coming.
The kids loved it there cause all the cousins were around, but it gives me headache with kids running all over the place....sabar-sabar.!!!..... For a person who has spend all her life in the city it takes time for me to adjust myself to kampung life.(hahaha..it has been more than 15 years, dear..)...apart from the reason that I was the only child of  a single parent (adopted).  My life was quite secluded so being in a 'kecoh' environment was, how should I put it.... 'merimaskan', but for my sayang sake I will  endured it. This is popularly known as 'give and take' situation...right! huhuhu....

Neighbours will normally drop in if they knew we were around, and there is this one old lady who stays opposite my mil house, she will without fail comes over to see me. There is this one time ...can't really recalled when, my mil told me that this lady told her that I did not layan(talk) to her.
Oppss...I didn't realised that...me being a quiet person might not be aware  that my behaviour has offended someone....so from than on I was extra attentive when she's around.

Before we went there I baked some cakes and puddings for the family (and also for the  unexpected visitors and expected visitors!!! ).  Happy to see everybody enjoyed the food ...and it was gone in no time.

My hubby brought back some coconuts,bananas, dragon fruits, all fresh from the farm. The dragon fruits were very sweet and hubby also brought back the plant for our little garden.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Last Saturday I accompanied my daughter to a musical concert "The Sound of Music"at BCCK. She was given 2 free tickets by her teacher. The concert was a charity event organised by the Rotary Club of Kuching Central.

When we arrived at  BCCK at about 7pm, the hall was already packed. But we were only allowed in at about 7.30pm although the show was supposed to start at 7.30pm. Finally at about 8pm the Sainsku Winds Orchestra from SM Sains Sarawak started the ball rolling with their opening number.

The most memorable presentation that night was from Nisa Addina, Sarawak's pride, World Champion Violinist. Wow, I tell you she played a beautiful 'Sad Violin'...( sorry if I got the title wrong) which kept the auidence glued to their seat. The final part of the show was the special appearance by the South Norfolk Youth Symphonic Orchestra (UK).

We had to leave by 11.30pm as hubby was already waiting for us even though the show haven't ended. It was a great concert which showcase a few of our very own talented youngsters. Hopefully they will inspired more youth to come forward with their own talent.

The theme 'A Magical Evening of sights & sounds to fill & excite your senses' really lives up to its expectation.  Bravo!