Saturday, December 29, 2012


....This year we did not hold any open house....We celebrated Christmas but there were no open house like in the previous years, too hectic and stressful so I thought we'll give it a missed this year..........On 23rd Dec we had a Christmas family gathering where the kids exchanged presents...they were looking forward to this was a beautiful sight to see.... the kids happy, cousins, nieces and nephews, while the very little ones were too young to understand the happy occasion...and the aunties and uncles were busy catching up with the latest  gossips. This is the time where we get to see each other, and its an annual affair. My eldest sis would round up all the siblings and set a date for the get together at mother's house. It was a Pot bless event so each family would bring a dish or dishes. I baked a fresh fruit cake, Chicken Pie and a bowl of Salad...those are my specialties...which is a must for any of our family gatherings.

On Christmas eve, hubby, myself and the 2 kids checked in at Merdeka Palace for a 3 days 2 nites family package. That evening we crossed over to Merdeka Plaza for a belated birthday dinner that my hubby had promised my son. Earlier on that day we went for a dip at the hotel pool...I say dip cos I can't swim, hehehe.....but the kids swam and they enjoyed themselves.... and that gave them a good appetite, ready for dinner.

And on Christmas Day we just walked over  to St Thomas Cathedral which is just across the road from Merdeka Palace for the Christmas Service. The Cathedral was packed to the brim. Being in the Cathedral brought back nostalgia of yesteryear's when I used to follow my late mum to the Sunday Service. I think I was about 5 or 6 yrs old at that time. We would take the No. 4 bus and stopped at Main bazaar and then walked through the alley to the Cathedral. But after St Faith Church was built in the 70's, which was much nearer to our place, we haven't been to the Cathedral except on a few occasions. Listening to the beautiful Christmas hymns, looking at historic Cathedral really brought back that warm nostalgic  feelings. But there's something missing...back then they used to burn some incense, I love the pleasant smell, so soothing and calming. That differentiate St Thomas Cathedral with other Churches back then. I felt so happy and blessed that I was able to celebrate Christmas at the Cathedral this year.

                                                            St Thomas Cathedral

We had our Christmas breakfast at the hotel and after that lepak in front of the TV while hubby took a snooze.
Later that afternoon my cousin called up and invited us over to his place. Wahh....rezeki cos at about that time we were already planning to walk over to Merdeka Plaza for lunch cos by then our stomach were already humming the "lagu keroncong". Back to the hotel in the evening, the kids head to the swimming pool while hubby and me went to sweat off at the gym.

The next day we checked out early as we have to attend my niece Church wedding at 10 am....and a wedding dinner later that night at the Banquet. So folks... that's how we spend our Christmas holidays for a change. Everybody is happy.... So as we are still in the Christmas Week...Merry Christmas everyone.


                                                       Merdeka Plaza

                                                       The Sarawak Museum

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

# VSS 2 HOMEMAKER.......

How time flies...felt like it was only yesterday that we celebrated New Year eve 2012 and now 2013 is just round the corner. We are in the last month of 2012 and in less than 2 weeks time we will be welcoming the New Year 2013.

And next year on 1st January 2013, will be my 10th anniversary being an official  Home Maker. Never in my upper most mind that I will hold that post cos when I entered the working world about 30 yrs ago, I thought I would leave as a retiree at the age of 57 ......or is it 60 now???.....but it was already written as in the Bible "Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses" Ecclesiastes 3:1. So who am I to disputes God's will.

It was a very difficult decision to make at that time.. to let go of a comfortable job at the bank with all the benefits thrown in. But with the dark cloud of economics recession looming at the Msian economy or in tis case the whole world, there was not much choice to consider.

 I started with the Finance Company, but when it was forced to close down in the late nineties, the management offered Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) to the staff but I  did not take up the first offer, so the remaining staff was seconded to the Bank. From there, we had two more VSS offers, so finally I guess it was about  time for me to go too.. After I left I heard there were a few more VSS..... the Bank was doing the utmost Spring Cleaning to clear off all the cobwebs and dust to the very extreme.

Like I mentioned above, it was not an easy decision.... but now looking back I have no regrets. I felt that life is much, much better now. I'm able to spend lots of time with my kids and do anything I fancy without anyone breathing down my neck. I don't have to worry who will be fetching the kids from school or babysitting them when they were little and best of all I will be home to cook hot meals for my family when they come home from school or office. I realized now that God must be making up for my incomplete  family life when I was little. He already had my life well planned except that I just did not see  it back then. Every Cloud has a silver lining.

Financially, we survived and as I don't have anymore commitment...settled everything with the little monies that was paid to us VSS takers...I don't have any more month end worries such as bank loan, car installments and what not. Bills and other payments are my other half !!(hubby) responsibilities.

  •  The pics above were taken during my niece's wedding 12.12.12   Congratulations to Michelle and Nathan.