Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1st August 2011

This year we celebrated our anniversary dinner at Calvery Restaurant and Lounge. Nice place but I can't really take too much meat and so did the kids and sayang. The meat was great and salad too, lots of varities. I wished there were more choices for desserts. For someone with a sweet tooth (plus the kids) we were looking forward to desserts but unfortunately the varity was very limited. Well, its fun anyway trying new eating places. But my most favourite dessert station is at Puzzle, Pullman. Cheese cakes, chocolate cakes and all those havenly,yummy cakes. We can't get enough. Best..best...Well another time.....


It has been a long time since I last wrote in this blog. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

As the title implies time is really changing for our family, for the better I hope. Since I got married years ago most of my life I have been pampered. Even when the kids started school most of the chauffeuring to and fro schools had been done by my sayang, except when he's at work. I don't have to brave through the traffic jam at peak hours. But now since my sayang have to be away on travelling most of the time I have to take over the job. Its tough but dear Lord give me the strenght. I used to dread driving during peak hours when there will be messive traffic jam but now I don't have any choice.

Another thing is sayang has never been away from me for more than 2 days even then I always felt so alone and missed him a lot. The 1st time he was away for more than 1 week was about 2 weeks ago and you can imagined how much alone I felt not mentioning about missing him. All those new changes started when he was promoted. It was a blessing for he has been hoping for a job change which was long overdue. But for every success story there must be a sacrifice.

The kids missed him so much cos without him around the house seem pretty quiet.This week he is away again for another week. Well, I have to get used to the changes that is coming our ways. And I pray to God that he will always be with us where ever we are.