Monday, July 30, 2012

# Kuih Langgang.....

Two weeks ago my daughter asked me to buy ingredients to make kuih langgang also known as kuih dadar or kuih ketayap or kuih gulung. I wonder why its called by so many different names .  It's only a green pancake with sweet coconut fillings inside with a little other ingredients thrown in.

So after getting the ingredients in the morning, I prepared the coconut filling for her.  When she came back from school that afternoon and having completed her homework she started her project on making the kuih langgang.  She got the recipe from her school text book (kemahiran hidup)

I left her to do everything on her own but I supervised her from afar.  Well, she did managed to get everything done by herself and the result...not bad...because the instruction given in the text book was quite detail so she can easily followed it.

She said she wants to practice doing it first so when the teacher asked them to do this project in class she will be ready for it. Good girl!

                                                               that's the hand at work!

                                             for a first timer ...hmmm..not bad and the taste

# AVE MARIA ....

LOVE....LOVE....LOVE this evergreen golden oldies very much. Haven't heard it for quite a long time, until last Saturday night when I attended my hubby's friend wedding.  The song was sang by the resident artiste as the beautiful couple walked into the banquet hall.

Something about the beautiful melody and lyrics that really touch the sensitive chord...rekindle old memories of yesteryear's when we were young and free... and wondering who will walk down the aisle with us.. (and the would have been!!). Listen to lyrics...guys. Awesome!

Ave Maria was also sung at my wedding. wedding anniversary is just round the corner. Huhuhu....will be listening to this song alone my darling hubby is on travelling AGAIN   ( so many AGAIN... huh!).

 Never mind dear, we'll celebrate it at a later date when you are back home. I'm already missing you syg.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Oh noooo.....I dread going to the salon for the 'overhaul'.  Why???..... because I don't like the waiting part . I normally go at least twice a year and this session has been long overdue.  I will go to the neighbourhood salon for a touch up or just a hair wash especially if I have to attend any evening function.  I can't delay it any longer cos' my hair has gone hire wire with the 'silver linning' growing by the day. I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror with the messy appearance.   So last Friday after sending the kids home from school I drove to my favourite hairdresser. 

After spending about 3 hours (flipping the magazine front to back, and back to front) waiting for my hair to be done, finally ....huhuuu...was I relieved but ......for a while cos when the hair stylist show me the'll sure burn a hole in my he recommended a shampoo and a conditioner. But I only bought the shampoo cos I told him that I did not bring  much cash. " Oh..u can use credit card" he said. Hahahaa.....but I still have to pay that amount by month end, dear!!

Well, that's the price we ladies have to pay for wanting to stay gorgeous. But having your hair done can give you a sense of satisfaction and it sure give you the confidence.

* I'm not really satisfied with the colour, but oklah better than my previous one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ya ke? Kalau tak betul tak kan keluar statistics ini diRD kan? Perkara ni janganlah kita ambil remeh, kerana walaupun nampak macam kecik aja tapi impaknya besar. Adat sopan santun,budi perkerti sepatutnya bermula dari rumah. Bermula masa budak2 tu masih kecik lagi.Mulalah dengan isu yang kecik dulu, seperti mengajar anak2 ni untuk menghomarti orang yang lebih tua.

Dalam statistics RD tu ada dinyatakan orang M'sia kurang mengucapkan terima kasih. Mungkin mereka berasa janggal untuk mengucapkan nya kerana tak biasa. Macam keluarga kami, saya selalu mengajar anak2 untuk mengucapkan terima kasih,dan menghormati semua orang walaupun seorang pelayan kedai kopi atau sebagainya. So sebagai contoh apabila kita orang makan diluar tak kiralah direstoran, kafe, dikedai kopi ataupun warong, semasa pelayan menghantar makanan kat kita, kita seharusnya mengucapkan terima kasih. Cuba perhatikan reaksi sipelayan tu, semestinya dia akan senyum dan rasa dihargaii.  Janganlah kita hanya melihat kesalahan orang sahaja, selepas tu memarahi ataupun menengking mereka. Kesian mereka, cuba kamu ditempat mereka, macam mana perasan kamu? 

    Contoh yang saya bagi kat sini hanya satu daripada cara kita mendidik generasi muda kita supaya mereka dapat menjadi generasi yang bersopan santun and mulia budi pekerti mereka. Banyak lagi contoh yang dapat kita pelajari tapi tak payahlah saya senaraikan disini. Kita semua manusia biasa ada kelemahan dan kekuatan sendiri, so terpulanglah apa cara kita hendak menangani isu ini.

Dan satu lagi, pleaselah janganlah menunding jari kepada mana-mana satu  bangsa yang dianggap bersalah dalam hal ini. Cuba pakai otak fikiran dan lihat disekeliling kita adakah hanya sesuatu bangsa saja yang berkelakuan kurang sopan? Tidak bukan. So fikir-fikirkanlah!




Monday, July 23, 2012

# This is my diary #

      Thank you to those who are willing to read my blog, maybe you 'accidentally' found it.                 I'm quite surprise......when I check the traffic I notice that there are people visiting my blog. I'm blogging not for any reasons except to treat it as my personal diary, to record events happening around me and to express my thoughts and interest. I will write in BI and BM.

    Honestly, I'm not a writer so please excuse the 'ayat yang tunggang lagang'. And that's another  reason why I don't link my blog to other blogs that I follow. I do go blog walking and I do have favourites that I visit regularly. As I have mentioned in my previous blog I abandoned  this blog for quite a long time.... (I can't even log in cause my password has expired.....hahaha...) but a week ago suddenly???.... I had this urge to start updating it again. As hubby is away..... I have a lot of leisure time to start blogging again.

     You are welcome to drop a line/comment or to link your blog.  Appreciate that very much.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Weekend Everyone.........

  Beautiful day, sun sky....hope it will be like this till evening n night.
Woke up early today...went to church, had breakfast (kolo mee kosong) This week I've already eaten kolo mee twice. Its like this with me...ada musim...(musim mengidam sesuatu makanan, I will eat till I'm sick of it and then I won't touch it for a long, long time) hahaha... macam musim durian pula, ya!
    Not in the best of mood, actually I was to do some baking and making some kuih, bought the ingredients yesterday and  some this morning but now I can't seem to make myself start the project. Promised my daughter that we'll make kuih langgang, also known as kuih dadar/kuih gulung but feeling as I am right now I might postpone it to later this evening or maybe tonight .....or maybe tomorrow.
  The reason for my 'murung feeling'  was I just received news from hubby that they were required to extend another week more of travelling,  he'll be coming back this weekend but leaves again on Monday morning. So all in all he'll be away for 3 weeks. I was already very excited anticipating his home coming this weekend so I won't have to take charge of all our household duties, well most of it...if he's around. Counting from today that will be 2 weeks duties for me. Huhuhuuu....don't like, don't like.
   And next week we'll be celebrating our wedding anniversary...but he wouldn't be around. I've already plan what we are going to do on that my plans will go down the drain. Huhuhuuu..
   Feel the urge to look for food now....comfort food.. (that also justified my ' musim mengidam'....kolo mee is comfort food okay....).. .Keep the weighing scale away from me...

Saturday, July 21, 2012


        Set my alarm at 6.30 am last night but when it rang this morning I was already awake but still enjoying the comfort of my blanket. Wish I could stay longer in bed but reality struck that I have to send my daughter for tuition at 8.15am. Saturday is the only time I can stay in bed a bit longer, and I mean 'a bit' cause everyday of the week (except on school holidays and public holidays) including Sundays we have to be up the lastest being 5.30am.
        Everyday when daddy is away on travelling mummy will make sure we leave the house not later than 6.10am cause I don't want to be stuck in a jam or butter or whatever...!!  Or else you'll hear the lion roaring....takut!!!
         Can't wait for my sayang to be back so I don't have to be stressed out everyday on the road. HuHuuuu....another week to go...seemed like another month. I'm Soooo... mentally and physically tired.
         This evening after fetching my son from the Boys Brigade we went to the Ramadan Bazaar at Stuttong. Wow... was there a crowd..!!!  We reached there at abt 5.30pm and it was packed to the beam. It was so impossible to move and with the heat I can't wait to get out of there....
I was looking forward to the kuih-muih but unfortunately there was not much left, looks like only the cooked food are still avaliable at the stalls.  So we left without buying any thing. was such a relief to get out of there for the fresh air.  As it was quite late we decided to drop by at C121 for dinner. Not much choice left here either...or was it we were too early and the stalls have yet to start their operations ..nevertheless we just have chicken rice and prawn mee..
            Now back home the kids are seated in front of the dumb box while I'm seated in front of my laptop courtesy of my sayang doing our own things and minding our own business.  Better get this done before the two kids start bugging me to let them use the laptop. 
   Haha...two days running I've been updating my blog...Strike when the Iron is hot...rite!!! Ok now I'm going blog walking so till then...Chio!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Honey Chicken Rice

       Good day all, been a long time since I last updated this blog. Well..the spirit is willing but the body is weak... So today I decided to visit my long abandoned blog..although out of sight but always in my mind.
       Today as the title implied I cooked Chicken rice for lunch. I was rushing while doing it cos I have to fetch the kids earlier as today is Friday so class ends at 12 noon.  Thank God I managed to finish everything including clearing up the pots and pans half an hour earlier before I took my bath
and on the way to school. Huhuu....caught in the peak hour jam ...hmm....what else is new.  So once we reached home and the moment the kids stepped into the house...hmmm ..they could smell the pandan aroma from the chicken rice....and were they excited!!   I used to cook chicken rice for them but today I tried a new recipe I found in the food blog yesterday. Reading through the recipe I notice that the method looked quite easy and most of the ingredients are available so what else...I started the project immediately after I finished my breakfast.
      I was happy with the end result, surperb...and most of all the kids loved it (thats the most important thing).  My little boy loves it much and he already has a few pieces...but when I'm done and about to leave the table he asked me ' mummy can I have one more piece?' cos there's only a few pieces left and that's normally for dinner cos I seldom cook dinner.
   Well, looks like this recipe is going to make a comeback...very soon (by popular request).
Will upload the pic another time. I'm thinking of doing another project but looks like I've run out of stock of the important ingredients, so guess I have to wait until I restock my stuff.  Well, that's all for today hopefully it won't take me months before I update this blog again.