Thursday, November 15, 2012


Its a public holiday today...but I'm home alone...sambil layan lagu dari Lite Fm.  Where's everybody?  Well.. my kids just left for a 3 days 2 nights camp at the church. This camp is for the Sunday School children but this year as a teen ambassador my daughter is requested to help the organiser to supervise the kids.  They have been joining this camp for the last 3 years. And I noticed that they have become a bit more independent.. like last night my son was able to pack his own bag for this trip... although with my supervision and.. at times they are able to make their own decisions and are more sociable. But mummy will always be mummy, nagging at little things...sorry guys can't help it ...hehe...that's what mummy are for! Will missed my little angels very much.

And hubby is off to kampung to collect some durians...if there's anymore left. I didn't join him, as it's  a day trip only....and durian is not in my list anymore...can't stand the smell. Tak pergi pun tak rugi!

So I'm here alone to lick my wound.....sob..sob..sob..huhuhu...have been on the down mode lately....bcos  some inconsiderate goon have been so insensitive... After all I've done for them...this is what I get in return. It's not like...I'm expecting a return for all I've done but at least a thought would have meant a lot. Tahap pemikiran (bak kata orang melaya...PPRT) tak pandai kenang budi langsung. Sorry guys if you all are wondering what I'm merepeking about. Nevermind....biarlah rahsia...I just need to let off some steam...ok ....just forget about those goon...Positive  Mode please!

Ya.... last night we went to my grandniece 5th birthday party at my brother's place in Matang Jaya. Every time we went there, which is not that regular, we will lost our way...but after so many rounds we did managed to find the house.  This time I dare not call my brother for direction... malu tahap gaban... tiap kali pergi mesti sesat...mana nak taruh muka pelupa ni. So this time I jot down the  lorong and house number in my hp for future reference. My grandniece has grown up to be a beautiful little girl, very active and a great fan of the gangnam style..which she performed last night.

And on Tuesday night, we went for a BBQ and Steamboat at my cousin's place, who was celebrating his belated birthday, and a week before that we had high tea at Kuching Park on the occasion of my cousin's granddaughter baptism. See the cutie,cutie little pie below.

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