Wednesday, August 22, 2012


During the Hari Raya holidays we decided to have a short break at a popular resort. The moment we drove to the entrance of the resort I was very impressed by the new buildings. It wasn't there when we came here about three or four years ago. Since it was taken over by a new management a lot of new changes have been taking place.

the restaurant/dinning hall..... very impressive.

 The front building consist of the lobby and a lounge. The lobby was quite spacious and when we came at about 2.15pm there was already a  queue at the check-in counter. After waiting for about 15 mins I was able to get my check-in done by the courteous front line staff. But she told me that I have to wait for a while as my room haven't been clean yet after the last guest left, because they were very busy. I said ok, as I assumed that at the most they will take about 15 to 20 mins to clean up the room.

But how frustrated we were,( the kids were already restless and my boy just changed into his swimming trunk and jumped into the pool.) when the room was only ready at about 4.30 pm. Almost 2 hours of waiting. I understand its Hari Raya and maybe the room maids had their off days but pleaselah can't they make arrangement for other helpers to assist them during this peak season. It was a long weekend break and as it coincided with the school holiday, a lot families who can't afford to travel overseas would normally bring their children to those nearby resort. It really spoilt my mood and I noticed that the resort was not really well maintained. There were no life guards on duty at the pool side and we could see all kind of attires being worn by the swimmers.

The same thing happened when we went to a nearby food court that night.  We planned to have our dinner at a seafood restaurant. The restaurant was packed and  there were only a few waiters and waitress in sight and there were very busy taking orders and serving. It was not a pleasant sight or atmosphere so we decided to leave the place and not take any chances as we could foresee that it will be another long wait before we can have our food.

My daughter was sulking because she wanted to go to the Fine Dinning Seafood Restaurant but eventually we were able to persuade her to go to another seafood restaurant or eatery nearby. The small road leading to the restaurants were jammed packed with cars going in all directions. But we managed to manoeuvred our way through to find a seafood eatery which was also packed. This place, if I was given a choice I won't put it in my 'must visit' list, but ....... we were all so damn hungry. Pity the kids, they were very exhausted,tired and hungry after a long day.

The next day we just went to the beach, the kids and daddy enjoyed themselves swimming while I just jogged along the beach.  My hubby, my daughter and I did not enter the pool cause of  the unappetising sight. Only my son went for a swim cause he has his friends who were there with their families so he did enjoyed himself.

The lessons we have learnt from this trip is to avoid popular resorts during peak seasons.

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